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Can I get sick from my hotel pillow?


Yes. The degree of bacterial growth present in a pillow is directly related to the number of months or years that the pillow has been in use.

A well-known expert in the hotel industry, Brian Guernier, recently wrote an article called, Hotel Pillows - How Long is Too Long?, in which he shared,

“Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to inspect and dissect pillows used in over 50 hotel properties, primarily in the upscale and luxury segments. Overall the average age of these pillows has been seven years!”

Since the average hotel stay in the United States is 1.4 days, approximately 1,825 people have slept on that pillow before it is removed from circulation. To make matters worse, hotel pillows are rarely, if ever, laundered.

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Scientists have found that up to one third of the weight of a hotel pillow is made up of bacteria, dead skin, fungi, dust mites and their feces.
- National Sleep Foundation, May 2015 & American Academy of Sleep Medicine, January 2017

A recent study published in looked at college dormitory pillows and noted that,

“ average pillow contained more than 350,000 potentially live bacterial colonies, some of which are known to be highly toxic and even fatal.”

In addition, the average pillow was found to have more than 100,000 potentially live yeast and mold colonies on its surface with the ability to harbor up to sixteen species of fungi.

Pillows are the ideal breeding ground for all kind of undesirable and potentially unhealthy bugs and diseases. Getting your eight hours is only half the battle. Start prioritizing healthy sleep today!


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