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Our company was founded by Robert M. Glasser, M.D., FACP, a practicing Hematologist/Oncologist. He and his wife, Evelyn, are frequent travelers, and have slept on countless hotel and cruise ship pillows over the years. Dr. Glasser learned that hotel pillows are virtually never laundered and remain in use between two and seven years before they are discarded.

In fact, studies have shown that the vast majority of these pillows contain live colonies of various microbes, as well as many other contaminants.

Cotton, rayon, or silk pillowcases supplied by the hotels are laundered, but they offer no protection. In addition, traveling with your own pillow from home is impractical and often impossible. Therefore, Dr. Glasser founded Pillow-Shield to offer fellow travelers a safe, effective medical-grade pillow barrier which can be placed over their hotel pillow.

The proximity of an individual’s face, nose and mouth to the hotel pillow for extended periods of time - as well as the knowledge that many hotel pillows have been scientifically shown to harbor many potentially dangerous microbes - makes this a logical target for preventive measures. While there are multiple reasons why travelers can become ill, numerous studies have implicated the pillow as a significant source of microbial contamination.

After an extensive search for an appropriate solution to this problem, Dr. Glasser was able to find a patented fabric, made in America, which is infused with an antimicrobial agent that has been certified to be safe and effective in inhibiting microbial growth on its surface. The fabric is a single sheet of non-woven material which is non-porous and, therefore, ideal as an antimicrobial barrier. We believe that it is the best pillow cover available today for this purpose. And unlike copper and silver infused products, it is non-allergenic. Hospitals are now using this fabric to protect patients, and we are proud to make this technology available to the traveling public.

Our advisory team is composed of practicing physicians, accountants, attorneys, professors, and graphic design artists.

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