When you put your head on a hotel pillow, do you wonder how many people have used this pillow before you?

Your pillow – and the pillows you sleep on in hotels – may appear fresh and clean on the outside.

But according to a published report presented at a healthcare conference in London, “up to a third of the weight of your pillow could be made up of bugs, dead skin and house dust mites and their feces.”

In a study conducted by researchers at the United Kingdom public healthcare provider Barts and the London NHS Trust, pillows used by hospital patients were reported to be likely breeding grounds for infectious germs and bacteria like MRSA and C.Diff, E.Coli, the flu, chicken pox, even leprosy.

Yet, this problem isn’t limited to hospitals. In fact, the presence of moisture on any frequently used pillow – whether it’s from wet hair, sweat or saliva – can promote the growth of all sorts of bacteria and other germs.


What is Pillow Shield?

PillowShield is a unique pillow cover that helps protect the user from microbial contamination known to be frequently present inside pillows, both at home and in public places like hotels, dormitories and cruise ships.

It was developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide fabrics that are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, safe - and comfortable.

Sleep Safer With PillowShield

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